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Are the materials hard to find?

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  • No, you should be able to find the parts needed in most art or stationary stores

Are they easy to make?

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  • Yes... and it should only take you about 2 hours.

Where do I get the pictures?

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  • We will give you a list of great websites with quality pictures and show you how to search for your pictures

Is my printer good enough?

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Is the quality as good as the bought ones?

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  • If you follow our instructions, yes, your stand-ups will be as good as or even better than the ones you buy.

Can I use the software on ebook on my Mac or a tablet such as an iPad?

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  • We have a Mac version of the software and the e-book is in PDF format which run on any Mac, PC and on most tablets with PDF reading apps.
    Please note that the Mac version runs in software called Wine which emulates the windows operating system while running our software. This all installs with just one click of the downloaded software.
    The software will not run on a Tablet PC.

Do you have a guarantee?

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  • Yes.. if you're not happy with the results let us know  within 60 days and we will refund all your money.

How do I receive the e-book and software?

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  • Click on the "Order" button and put in your credit card details.
    Credit Card orders are handled by a trusted 3rd party on a secure server. You will be then given a password to be able to enter the download page to get the Software and instructions

    Sorry.. but we only except credit card payments or US personal checks at this point of time.

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