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captain jack standee

"I remember walking into a shop that sold cardboard cut-outs and wishing they had a better range at a cheaper price. Your e-book Shows me how to make standups cheaply and have an almost unlimited range. Thank you heaps!"

-Amanda Dellage, Party Planning

Just for fun
waitress Alien

These pictures were sent in by Jay
The waitress was used for a party to stand behind a table serving food.
The alien (from the film Paul , starring Simon pegg) was made just for a bit of fun.

Wedding shower centerpiece

"It went pretty good, Im sure I can make my next one in less time.I made for a wedding shower to match one that was made of the groom (mine looked better)"

Len M, USA
A very public Display

"This was an exhibit at the Prescott Public Library in a showcase called "The Viewery" It was displayed for the month of August and everyone who used the library saw it"

"I took the photos and worked with your program and had alot of fun doing it.
Our "diorama" got wonderful reviews.
Thanks for following up on this"

Bobbie Engle

A big Keanu Reeves Fan

"Hello Brad. I attempted to make my Keanu standee. I was a little hesitant at first because it sounded kind of difficult to achieve but to my surprise it came out beautiful! I followed your directions and advice to a tee"

keanu cardboard cutout

"I think the standee came out awesome and I placed it in my Matrix memorabilia room. It looks beautiful there. It was much easier to make than I thought. I'm very pleased with the end result. Thank you soooooo much Brad for making it possible for me to finally have a standee of Keanu right in my very own home! You're the best!!!

Thank you,

Being there when you're not
thanks giving float

The almostbreathing program was used to its full extent with this Thanks Giving float. And what a great sight it was.
Obviously with a hospital that runs 24 hours a day all the staff couldn't attend the parade, but, they made sure the crowd still saw them.

Congratulations to Rome Hospital (NY) on the fantastic display.

Memories That are Life-Sized
family standee

"The standups I have made are my two daughters and their recent college graduations, my brothers and me as children, my mother and father, a collection of golden retrievers we have had, Blacky, a steer we raised when I was a kid and Jimmy Buffett."

The Ultimate Party
Party Photo

"I made a total of 47 cutouts for the party. Mostly clip art. While we were setting up for the party, a lady walked in off the street an said that she would like to buy all of them from me when the party was over for a college reunion she was planning. I would have done that except I had already decided that I wanted to offer them to my guests/clients. I am sure that I will do this again next year. That was the best money I have ever spent on software.

Debbie "

party standee large check clip art standees
Bond Girls are Very Popular

"You may recall I bought your software a month or two ago for a James Bond evening. I thought you might be interested to see one of my successes! People were extremely impressed and 'Halle' was in much demand at the end of the night!"

An Adored Son
graduation standee

"Hello Brad,

Sorry I didn't contact you after making my first stand-up. Since I made one from my son, I thought you would not be interested unless it was from a celebrity.

It came out well but I made a mistake with the height, so it came out a bit more than 16 cm's. short. The photograph I enclose is taken with the stand-up on top of a pile of books to compensate the height difference.

I didn't have any other special occasion so far to decide to make a new one, but I am happy I have the software and that I know I can do it any time I like.

I am really happy with this software.

Thank you so much,

For a Good Cause
josh groban standee

"Hi Brad

Your program is terrific. I have recommended it to everyone who asks "How did you do that?"

I am a big fan of Josh Groban and I am able to make standups (with his photographers' permission) to raise money for his Foundation which helps many children's charities. I enjoy making them and they are very popular with the fans. Thank you for making it possible!"


A rock star at your 50th

"I bought the program to make a standup of Steve Perry for my sisters 50th Birthday Party it was a huge hit. I know I'm going to be asked to make some for other family member.

I have some wonderful pics and memories because of the software. It was worth every penny."

Tina K

standees for parties

parytime cardboard cutout

cardboard cutouts for parties

Creativity at it's best

"Fabulous Program

I've used it a couple of times for birthdays, Worked like a dream. thought you might like to see a couple of shots from a birthday party. High quality images were purchased from a image provider and birthday boys head was photoshopped on.
look Fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lisa Powell


Just a little magic
Lana and Hermione

"My daughter’s birthday was SUCH fantastic fun, we made all the Hogwarts wizards (except from Slytherin of course!) and you really helped us to make her day with a life sized cutout of her favourite wizard of all time, Hermione Granger. Smilus Engorgio!"

Amy (UK)

A Party Surprise
Iron Man

"So, I walked into the party and thought ‘no feakin’ way! Iron man!’ The guys had bought your software and built a whole bunch of movie stars. I wanted my own so I got the Almost Breathing Pro Package and guess what? I made my very own Iron Man, and worked out how to give him Robert Downey Jnr’s head! That guy is soooo sweet!

Thanks again Brad!

Becca (Iowa)"

A Fan from the Past
T and Paul

"Fabulous Program

"Brad, you made my dream come true! Back in the 70s and 80s I followed Paul Weller everywhere but the closest I got was front of stage, now - at long last – I got Paul on my arm at my 40th birthday party! He may have been almost breathing, but my heart almost stopped!"

Sarah (England)

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